Two Client Success Stories from GMG Janitorial

Dedicated to customer satisfaction, San Francisco-headquartered GMG Janitorial serves the needs of clients throughout Northern and Southern California. Over the years, GMG Janitorial has earned numerous customer accolades for its attention to detail, willingness to rethink current services, and ability to create more effective building maintenance systems.

In one case, the firm was brought in by a San Francisco Bay Area cooking school to resolve a situation of constantly messy kitchens. Despite maintaining a staff of 15 janitorial employees to handle cleaning in the historic landmark building, the school had not been successful in finding the right team of responsible professionals. Upon its hire by the school, GMG engaged actively with existing staff in fine-tuning pay and benefits and setting in place a new cleaning system. The result was notable immediately, with chefs enjoying a consistently clean cooking and teaching space.

In another case, a major utility provider was dissatisfied with their current vendor’s performance and sought out the expertise of GMG. A logistically challenging request that services to all 50 sites should start on the same day proved to be a non-issue, as thorough preparation paid off. In particular, employees were provided with site-specific keys and security cards, and equipment and supplies were delivered well in advance.


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