About GMG Janitorial

Since 1987, GMG Janitorial has provided superior janitorial and building maintenance services for clients in the San Francisco, California, area. This organization, which is focused on operational excellence and proper safety, is home to several programs that enhance a positive work environment. With incentives like employee bonuses, certificates, and recognition awards, GMG Janitorial fosters a community of individuals who are passionate about what they do. In accordance with the company’s guidelines, all employees also participate in safety training programs, ensuring they know the proper techniques and procedures used in each type of job. Best practices are a huge part of the GMG Janitorial guarantee. GMG Janitorial’s services range from handyman offerings to cleaning services like garage sweeping, window cleaning, construction clean-up, carpet cleaning, and pressure washing. The company also provides custodial cleanings on a weekly to nightly basis, depending on the various needs of the client. Each of these services, including recycling programs and day porter availability, can be added to a personalized program based on the individual’s long- and short-term janitorial and building maintenance needs. Furthermore, GMG Janitorial remains dedicated to operating through environmentally friendly means. This indicates that “green” practices are used in most every operation of the company, which is often very important to clients in need of services like construction clean-up and light bulb changing. Some of the company’s clients include commercial organizations like cooking schools, utility companies, and college campuses. Clients in each of these industries have reported better management and improved logistics of their janitorial operations after signing on with GMG Janitorial.


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