GMG Janitorial

GMG Janitorial is a company that supplies janitorial and other building maintenance services to a variety of clients throughout California. GMG Janitorial serves the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, and Orange County, and in total, has cleaned and maintained over a million square feet of properties. GMG Janitorial is committed to completing every task, whether large or small, to the highest level of standards. GMG Janitorial only hires staff members that are enthusiastic and prepared to work hard to complete their tasks in an efficient and comprehensive manner. The company also puts all employees through thorough safety and job training programs that ensure a Grade A performance. GMG provides training not only at the beginning of the job, but continues to educate the staff on the most up-to-date procedures. Janitors are monitored regularly by Quality Directors who carefully inspect every cleaning area of clients’ facilities. The technology the team uses allows the company to promptly resolve any foreseen or unforeseen issues. Clients are encouraged to reach out to GMG Janitorial through an online form or the telephone and specify their exact needs and budgets. The company has substantial experience managing facilities that are commercial, medical, residential, educational, or retail and can work with clients to customize a plan that will suit their exact needs. No matter what a client situation is, the company is committed to meeting all of the requirements. The company’s long relationships with clients are a testament to its ability to satisfy the customers’ expectations completely.


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