GMG Janitorial Can Help You Keep Your Space Germ Free

Knowledge protects office workers from the flu and other illnesses. Firms like GMG Janitorial know where germs tend to accumulate. That’s why GMG Janitorial trains its staff to be detail-oriented and methodical when cleaning. However, germs accumulate on many office surfaces all day long. Workers who know where contagions lurk can take proper protocols in order to avoid contracting winter illnesses. While most people have heard that keyboards and phones are alive with germs, these items are not actually prime sources of infection because they tend to be limited to a single user. However, office break rooms are used by many people and have several danger spots. The light switch, the knobs on the sink, the handles on the microwave and the refrigerator, and the buttons on the vending machines often spread disease. Workers should carefully wash their hands with soap and water after touching these areas. In addition, people should refrain from touching their eyes, noses, or mouths. These areas provide germs with gateways to the rest of the body. With caution, even workers in a busy office can protect themselves and prevent the spread of disease.


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