GMG Janitorial

GMG Janitorial is a San Francisco-based company that provides janitorial and business maintenance services for clients across the state of California. GMG Janitorial was started in 1987 by Gina Gregori and currently maintains and cares for over a million square feet of commercial, residential, educational, and medical properties.

GMG Janitorial works with all clients to make sure all of their maintenance needs are met. The company offers its services 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and they include nightly custodial care, comprehensive hard floor surface care, upholstery cleaning, blind cleaning, construction clean up, recycling services, window cleaning, light bulb changing, trash chute cleaning, handy man services, and garage sweeping and scrubbing, among many others. GMG Janitorial also supplies day porters and will provide staff for special events.

GMG Janitorial is committed to helping the environment by following the U.S. Green Building Council’s recommendations for preserving energy and reducing waste while on the job. These recommendations include using cleaning processes that physically remove dirt, not just move it around like other methods; training employees on how to use the minimal amount of chemicals and treatment; and educating the staff on preserving energy while on the job and recycling materials properly. Clients also benefit from these initiatives by saving money, increasing the health and productivity of staff, and producing a more comfortable and safe work place for its employees.

GMG Janitorial thoroughly trains staff with an emphasis on teaching safe techniques. The result is that the company’s team is more productive because it uses tried and tested methods, and there are fewer illnesses and injury claims.


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