GMG Janitorial – Leader in Janitorial Services

For 25 years, GMG Janitorial has provided customer-oriented service to facilities across the San Francisco Bay area. GMG Janitorial services commercial properties of all types, including medical centers, train and bus stations, school properties, and residential communities. The company provides each facility with a fully customized service plan, designed in accordance with the client’s specified requests and needs. Additionally, GMG Janitorial designs each service plan with a client’s budget in mind.

GMG Janitorial provides a comprehensive range of cleaning and maintenance services, from small tasks such as light bulb replacement to larger-scale services that include floor and carpet care, construction site cleanup, and special event maintenance. It offers regular custodial services at one- to seven-day intervals as well as one-time visits, and nearly everything in between. GMG Janitorial remains committed to meeting any need a client presents.

Furthermore, GMG Janitorial maintains a rigorous Quality Program to support client satisfaction. The program involves hands-on management of each maintenance team, which includes both an official supervisor and an assigned team leader. Clients also enjoy the assurance of the company’s Quality Field Inspection Program, an in-depth and detail-oriented process targeted at identifying areas of maintenance needs. Overseen by a trained Quality Director and involving the participation of on-site janitors, this process allows the company to identify all cleaning targets, down to the smallest corner.

GMG Janitorial trains all of its personnel, including janitors and Quality Control Supervisors, with an eye toward effectiveness and safety. Its three-phase training system includes site-specific training as well as education in the proper use of chemical cleansers. In addition, the company’s training continues throughout an employee’s tenure and ensures that all personnel remain current in the industry.


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