GMG Janitorial – November 24, 2014

GMG Janitorial: Green Cleaning Services Benefit Businesses and Employees

The commercial cleaning industry uses approximately 8 billion pounds of chemicals every year. In addition to the problems they cause the overall environment, these products have the potential to harm the lungs and skin of those who apply them, as well as those working in the buildings. The goal of green cleaning is to provide the same quality cleaning without using materials that pollute the environment.

In order to ensure that the same results are achieved as with traditional chemicals, a company employing a green cleaning program must see that its staff is properly trained. Though this does pose an up-front expense, there is evidence that the cost of using fewer dangerous chemicals is lower over the long term due to fewer insurance and regulatory requirements.

In addition to products, it is necessary to evaluate equipment, such as vacuums, to make certain that they comply with the best environmental standards. Vacuums should be HEPA certified so that collected dust is not reintroduced into the air.

GMG Janitorial, Inc. is a janitorial services company based in San Francisco, California, offering green cleaning services to its clients. In addition to full janitorial contracts, GMG Janitorial offers building maintenance services.


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