GMG Janitorial – December 2, 2014

GMG Janitorial Assures Training, Safety, and Quality

GMG Janitorial is a cleaning and maintenance firm with clients in the Greater San Francisco and Los Angeles areas. GMG Janitorial provides its staff with advanced training and continuing education. All janitors who work for the company receive extensive training in California in federal safety regulations for the chemicals that they use. This training ensures that office spaces remain safe and comfortable for employees. In addition, the janitorial staff members learn their work through one-on-one training sessions and participate in continuing education programs to certify that they understand the latest proven methods and technologies.

GMG Janitorial also oversees an in-depth quality-control program. Weekly inspections and monthly evaluations ensure that each client’s needs are taken care of. The staff practices preventative maintenance, targeting trouble spots to prevent dirt and grime from building up. During quality inspections, GMG Janitorial invites the client to accompany the inspector in order to determine that the firm is meeting or exceeding expectations. This training and inspection regime guarantees that the company can provide excellent service to its California clients.


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