GMG Janitorial ~ January 12, 2015

GMG Janitorial: Care of Marble Flooring

For more than 25 years, GMG Janitorial has provided comprehensive maintenance services to clients across California. Its extensively trained and dedicated staff cleans and cares for all aspects of a property, including hard floor surfaces, upholstery, windows, and construction areas.

Care of a marble floor begins with prevention. Mats with waterproof backing, when placed at each entrance to the room, can catch much of the debris that otherwise would be tracked onto the floor. Not all debris will be caught by these mats however, so daily care also plays an important role. Ideally, marble floors should be mopped daily with warm water and a cotton mop. Marble floor care is most effective without detergents, as they can dull the surface sheen that gives marble much of its appeal.

Since use of a marble floor will inevitably cause some dulling of the surface, the floor should be professionally restored several times per year. This rate may necessarily increase to monthly if the floor is used often. Restoring involves removing stains (hydrogen peroxide is usually most effective), replacing all loose tiles, and checking to ensure sufficient grouting between tiles. One then hones, or sands, the floor in order to smooth the surface, afterward polishing to restore shine. Sealant may be added afterward to extend the life of the floor.


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