GMG Janitorial – January 26, 2015

GMG Janitorial on Choosing a Professional Cleaning Service

A professional cleaning company serving clients throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, GMG Janitorial offers a full range of janitorial and handyman services. The company advises that when hiring a janitorial service to clean and care for your business, consider the following:

  1. Begin your search by considering what services you need. Perhaps you prefer a nightly service or need professionals that can also make simple repairs when necessary. Once you’ve reflected on your company’s requirements, identify a cleaning business that offers those services.
  2. Request quotes and investigate references. Many companies offer quotes over the phone or via e-mail. Once you’ve collected a few quotes, start asking for references. Consider not only what current or former clients have to say about the company, but also how the company trains its employees and what type of insurance they have.
  3. Negotiate terms and follow up. After you have identified a reputable, affordable janitorial service that will meet your company’s needs, sit down and draw up your contract, making sure to specify how you will handle any future problems. Finally, follow up with positive or negative feedback, especially throughout the first several months of the contract.

Dedicated to professionalism, GMG Janitorial provides in-depth job and safety training to its technicians and employs a team of full-time supervisors. Learn more at


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