About GMG Janitorial

A company that furnishes janitorial and maintenance solutions to enterprises in California’s Los Angeles County, Orange County, and San Francisco Bay Area, GMG Janitorial offers a full range of services priced to fit client budgets. Founded in 1987, the company has since grown into a leading custodial provider in the region. That growth is owed to GMG Janitorial’s record of customer satisfaction as well as its experience and knowledge regarding maintenance for facilities ranging from medical to academic and retail to residential.

While the company scores highly on traditional metrics, such as the knowledgeability and diligence of its staff and the affordability of its services, GMG Janitorial also keeps current with modern trends in its industry. For instance, the company uses cutting-edge technology to facilitate the best possible communication between teams during maintenance projects. GMG’s staff carries radios whenever on duty, which means supervisors can direct janitors to problem areas promptly for clean-up or other kinds of remediation. Clients stay informed by way of an Internet-based communications system that delivers messages via email or to mobile devices as well as through other mediums. Furthermore, the leadership staff at GMG speaks both English and Spanish.

In addition to the technological support afforded to staff and clients, GMG Janitorial supports the quality of its solutions by way of thorough training in safety and job skills. Professionals undergo safety instruction on such topics as occupational safety and health administration compliance, inspections, and accident avoidance. Those professionals also complete three phases of job training, the first phase of which involves an eight-hour course. The second phase is one-on-one mentoring with an experienced professional at a maintenance site, and the final phase is continuing education.


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